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MORENA and the Gasolinazo

August 9, 2017 /

Javier Bravo Guanajuato, México Bravo offers a brief history of the National Regeneration Movement, MORENA, Mexico’s broad-based left party, and he analyses the explosive mass response to President Peña Nieto’s hiking gas prices on December 28, 2016. He also expresses

Introduction to Latin@ Left Project

August 9, 2017 /

Photo credit: Tina Modotti Freedom Road Socialist Organization announces the launching of a new initiative, the Proyecto Izquierda Latina / Latin@ Left Project. In collaboration with friends in México, such as from MORENA, this project will publish articles that offer

Rescue May Day

July 17, 2017 /

Photo credit: Joaquin Salvador Formento In spite of the rightist conservatives who lead the institutions and who fear activists and left militancy, in Mexico this May Day organized workers held independent marches and kept alive the commitment to continue the