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Immigration Law

When I ask the experts "how much time do I have" I don't want an answer in years or arguments. I must know if there are hours enough to mend this relationship, see a book all the way to its … Continue reading

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Remembering Vietnam through Art

Even in this most unsatisfying and simplistic review of history, the parallels to today’s empire building and colonialism by the US throughout the world, from the Philippines to Puerto Rico, to Palestine to Iraq, are unmistakable. But those particulars are … Continue reading

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¡Presente! Joan Sheldon Conan

Joan Sheldon Conan 1932–1992 Joan Sheldon Conan died unexpectedly September 21, 1992 while teaching a class of literacy volunteers at the Redwood City California public library. Her sudden loss is a blow to her family, friends and comrades. For more … Continue reading

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¡Presente! Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson Bob Johnson, a Forward Motion supporter and member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, died in Berkeley, California August 31, 1992 after a two-year struggle with brain cancer. He was fifty-five. Bob came from a militant union background and … Continue reading

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Military Matters #6 — Low Casualty War

I was still serviceable when I ran two miles in 11:26 at 42 years old. I went to the mess hall afterwards and had two pancakes with plenty of butter, patty sausage, bacon, an omelet with cheddar cheese and jalapeno … Continue reading

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Guess jeans

Shannon shows me pictures of her as a middleschooler.We do not argue the aesthetics of the 80s —flybacks, socks to knees, "hot" colors, the excessive accessorizing. What is difficult now,as I wipe the finger grease on my jeansso as not … Continue reading

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