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Movies for Your Revolutionary Spirit

  9 to 5 The subtitle might as well be Dictatorship of the (Pink-Collar) Proletariat.  Three secretaries kidnap their misogynist asshole of a boss, trap him in his own mansion, and run the business like it was theirs–or everybody’s.  Child … Continue reading

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With capitalist media pushing out one Michael Jackson videobituary after another, falling all over themselves to concoct and dissect rumors about his death and his life, it’s very desirable for those of us on the Left to neglect to comment … Continue reading

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Springtime Gon’ Come Fierce

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Looking toward the United States Social Forum

The last week in June 2007 — June 27th through July 1st to be exact — Atlanta, Georgia will be the site of the first-ever US Social Forum. The website of the US Social Forum declares: The US Social Forum … Continue reading

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Crack Baby Serenade

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The Shapeshifter Poems

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Military Matters #5 — Overreach

[This column will appear in hard copy in the forthcoming issue of The Socialist, a publication of the Socialist Party USA. It deals with the issue of US imperialism overreaching in its grab for unchallenged bully-of-the world status, an issue … Continue reading

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Socialists Allied for Global Justice

(On the weekend of September 28 and 29, 2002, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank held their annual meetings in Washington D.C. Freedom Road protested the event as part of a Socialist Contingent organized with the Socialist Party … Continue reading

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Lenin walks around the world. Frontiers cannot bar him. Neither barracks nor barricades impede. Nor does barbed wire scar him. Lenin walks around the world. Black, brown and white receive him. Language is no barrier. The strangest tongues believe him. … Continue reading

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'Remember to Kick it Over'  Bullets are flying all over the world. For those of you forced to cancel your Afghani wedding plans due to a few over-zealous US bombing runs, Moscow theater outings due to someone cuttin' the cheese … Continue reading

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