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Marriage Inequality: Painful Lessons for the Queer Community and the Road Ahead

As I write this article, the No on Proposition 8 campaign has conceded after most of the final absentee ballots have been counted.  Prop 8 on the California ballot redefines the CA constitution and strips away the right of same-sex … Continue reading

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ID Check

I am a blue-eyed devil, peckawood and country cracker Red neck, white trash and urban wannabe rapper I am the man who’s got the God complex Pimping privilege from class, skin color and sex I am the president, the pope … Continue reading

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The Rev. Wright – Barack Obama Controversy

The revelations of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's remarks have unleashed a reactionary backlash that has many (virtually entirely white) people scornfully denouncing Rev. Wright as a racist, even though he is African American. This reaction has been used to reframe our … Continue reading

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TV in Black and White

In the mid-sixties We were sentenced to watch the rich on TV–Donna Reed High-heeled in the kitchen, Ozzie nelson bending In his eighth season, over golf. while he swung, we hoed Fields flagged with cotton Because we understood a socak … Continue reading

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To the Imperialists

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New book published: The Cost of Privilege

Buy A Copy The National Executive Committee of FRSO/OSCL is pleased to announce that Camino Press has published a new book: The Cost of Privilege: Taking On the System of White Supremacy and Racism. This book is a comprehensive account … Continue reading

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And When You Leave, Take Your Pictures with You

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Crack Baby Serenade

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

We stood on her shoulders. All of us race traitors, us "whiggers," us "n—– lovers," and white folks that decided that we'd rather cast ourselves into the identity oblivion than sit one more minute comfortably on the porch of white … Continue reading

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Status Symbol

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