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On the Anniversary of the War: Bring All of Our Troops Home, From Iraq to Afghanistan

The devastating occupation of Iraq is entering its seventh unjustifiable year. Young men and women who were eleven years old when the US invaded Afghanistan are now being deployed into combat there. With media coverage of the wars almost non-existent, … Continue reading

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As the Occupation of Iraq Enters 6th Year: It’s Got To Stop. We’ve Got To Stop It!

The Situation in the Middle East The threat of a US attack on Iran has come to the fore again. The forced retirement of Admiral Fallon as head of CentCom removes a leader of the majority in the high command … Continue reading

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Deepen the Struggle to Defund the War

The anti-war movement has relearned some valuable lessons. It is incredibly hard to stop a war once plans are in place. And once a war starts, it can take years to slowly change the tide of public opinion. The anti-war … Continue reading

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Reflections on the November Elections

Though many activists on the Left, including those who want nothing to do with the Democratic Party, were thrilled that the Republicans were trounced on November 7th, it is critical that we think through the implications of what unfolded. The … Continue reading

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Poem For The Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, An Intelligent, Well-Read Person, Could Believe In

In my land there are no distinctions.The barbed wire politics of oppressionhave been torn down long ago. The only reminderof past battles, lost or won, is a slightrutting in the fertile fields.In my landpeople write poems about love,full of nothing … Continue reading

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Will the Occupation End in 2006?

On March 20, the US occupation of Iraq will enter its fourth year. But 2006 could just be its last. The occupation itself is in deep trouble, the morale of the troops is low, and the Pentagon is having a … Continue reading

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Military Matters #37 — Evo Morales — What does it mean?

It means that the US will now be at war with all of Latin America, even as it remains entangled in a Southwest Asian energy war. Evo Morales, who leads the MAS (Movement Toward Socialism) in majority-indigenous Bolivia, and has … Continue reading

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In Iraq and the Gulf Coast, Big Storms Blow Holes in the War

The anti-war/anti-occupation movement finds itself in a new and promising — but rapidly changing — situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Karl Rove’s scheming and the media’s discomfort at pointing out the emperor’s new duds will nudge things back … Continue reading

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Remembering Vietnam through Art

Even in this most unsatisfying and simplistic review of history, the parallels to today’s empire building and colonialism by the US throughout the world, from the Philippines to Puerto Rico, to Palestine to Iraq, are unmistakable. But those particulars are … Continue reading

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Military Matters #34 — Murder by the Numbers: The Specter of the Draft

First published on the From The Wilderness website, February 2005. In January, Congressman Charles Rangel's office announced his intention to reintroduce a bill reinstating the draft. The same bill, then entitled HR163, was summarily introduced and voted down in October … Continue reading

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