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The Anti-War Movement Seven Years After Shock and Awe

The war in Iraq is still on. It’s already the second most expensive war in US history–only WWII cost more. The war in Afghanistan is heating up. It’s now the second longest war in US history–only Vietnam lasted longer. So … Continue reading

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March 19, Fayetteville, NC — This Is Going To Be Huge!

It began last year with 1200 veterans, military family members and people of conscience marching through the streets of Fayetteville to say NO! to the war in Iraq. This year we’ll be back in numbers not seen in Fayetteville since … Continue reading

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Military Matters #8 — Recruit This!

A friend of mine just had surgery for prostate cancer. He is only four years older than me, and I have begun to worry that I haven't had a PSA yet. It makes me a little nervous. My script has … Continue reading

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