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Is My Union Gomperist?

The AFL leader for most of the early 20th century was Samuel Gompers, an English immigrant cigarmaker.  His strategy and method of unionism was so well-established that it has since been termed “Gomperism.”  Gomperism is commonly known as business unionism.  … Continue reading

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Immigration Law

When I ask the experts "how much time do I have" I don't want an answer in years or arguments. I must know if there are hours enough to mend this relationship, see a book all the way to its … Continue reading

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21 Questions for 2008

Each December, a quiz makes the rounds on the blog-myspace-facebook circuit. As I brainstormed ways to write 2008’s Year in Review, I thought?wouldn’t it be great if the movement had such a quiz?  So here I present to you, 21 … Continue reading

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The Hardest Working Man in Show Business

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To Posterity

1. Indeed I live in the dark ages! A guileless word is an absurdity. A smooth forehead betokens A hard heart. He who laughs Has not yet heard The terrible tidings. Ah, what an age it is When to speak … Continue reading

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eight hours plus

Poem of the Week3/25/01-3/31/01 eight hours plus eight hours plusrushing ta beat timerunning breathless ta be on timeI knocked you down almost killing my self and we hadno timeto lament or laughor damn each otheror be dead together…     be dead, yes     because … Continue reading

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In time of crisis

Poem of the Week2/11/01-2/17/01 In time of crisis You are the brave who do not breakIn the grip of the mob when the blow comes straightto the shattered bone; when the sockets shriek;When your arms lie twisted under your back.Good … Continue reading

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A Good Day’s Work

Whose dog am I?The time clock's dog.Whose dog are you? Learn how to smile at foremen.A dirty joke and time for a smoke.Be slick, be quick, be human. The night is smallAnd hard to hold,Sinks into the spongy morning.The day … Continue reading

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No Time

Oye razaWake upThis "sleeping giant" stuffAin't workingChale conWait 'til 2025Por que vamos a serThe biggest minorityIn the cosmos We've alreadyBeen hereSince the beginningOf timeAndale razaLevántate…The time forRubbing your eyesAnd scratching your nalgasHas already passed All this talkAbout waitingFor the 21st … Continue reading

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