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How to Organize the South: Non-Majority Organizing for the Win

“The inclusion of public sector workers must also be central to our analysis and work. These workers, many of whom are women of color, deliver the social wage that we seek to protect and expand and, as the economic crisis … Continue reading

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Critical Assessment of the Current Period (2009-2010)

“Capitalism has no answers that humanity can afford to accept.” Preface:  The following are a set of theses which summarize what we—the NEC—believe to be the central components of the present conjuncture or moment.  This is being written in this … Continue reading

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Introducing Our New Strategy Document: “Which Way Is Left?”

Since the beginning of 2007, the period since FRSO/OSCL's most recent congress, our organization's strategy has been different from any in the past. In the previous three-year period between FRSO/OSCL congresses (2003-2006), the US Left faced chaotic and quickly changing … Continue reading

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Mp3 Recording of Building Revolutionary Strategy Workshop Available

At the US Social Forum one of the most popular workshops was titled "Building Revolutionary Strategy and Organization in the 21st Century: A Multi-Generational Dialogue." This session was hosted by five organizations: Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organización Socialista del Camino para … Continue reading

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