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Back in the Day

New York Stone Cutters Riot against Prison Labor  If you ever visit New York University in downtown Manhattan, you'll find a fakey little cobblestone walk right next to the school's information center across from the south side of Washington Square … Continue reading

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What Were They Like?

1) Did the people of Viet Nam    use lanterns of stone?2) Did they hold ceremonies    to reverence the opening of buds?3) Were they inclined to quiet laughter?4) Did they use bone and ivory,    jade and silver, for ornament?5) Had they an epic poem?6) … Continue reading

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Vietnam #4

a cat saidon the corner the other daydig man how come so manyof usniggers are dying over therein that whiteman's war they say more of usare dying than them peckerwoods& it just          don't make senseunless it's truethat the honkeys are trying … Continue reading

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Song of the Paving Stones

Full hundred thousand years we sleptAs granite, cold as ice,Then we were roused by dynamiteAnd turned into merchandise. In the quarry, the labourer moaned aloud,His chisel spurted fire,The labourer's blood and sweat have weDrunk down into our core. We were … Continue reading

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8 BLACK BOYS IN A SOUTHERN JAIL.WORLD, TURN PALE! 8 black boys and one white lie.Is it much to die? Is it much to die when immortal feetMarch with you down Time's street,When beyond steel bars sound the deathless drumsLike … Continue reading

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Poet to Bigot

I have done so littleFor you,And you have done so littleFor me,That we have good reasonNever to agree. I, however,Have such meagrePower,Clutching at aMoment,While you controlAn hour. But your hour isA stone. My moment isA flower.     Download this … Continue reading

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