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Future Forward: A Vision for Revolution

We bring you a speech given by Fred Ho on April 9, 2008, at an event organized by the Labor/Community Strategy Center in Los Angeles.  Before the text of the speech itself, we present a few paragraphs by Bill Fletcher … Continue reading

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The Economic Crisis and the U.S. Left

“Money makes a good servant, but a bad master.” — Sir Francis Bacon 1. Thinking about the current crisis by way of an analogy with a pyramid scheme is helpful on two levels:      • Much like a pyramid scheme, … Continue reading

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How Do We Take This Bad Boy Off? A Thesis Statement on Social Transformation in the United States

I. The Conditions We Face—Neo-Liberalism: The Imperialism of the 21st Century A. Neo-liberalism became the ideological orientation for the dramatic reorganization of global capitalism. Unfolding in earnest since the mid-1970’s, this reorganization—generally called globalization—includes features like the electronic revolution (aided … Continue reading

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The Battle in Kashipur

Freedom Road/El Camino para la Libertad is pleased to be able to offer this first-hand look at a key struggle in Orissa State in India. The battle in Kashipur is one of literally hundreds of life-and-death mass struggles raging every … Continue reading

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Building a Union from Scratch

 The Realities of Organizing Low-wage Workers The effort required to move everything forward is monumental. Take the conditions that housekeepers, the core of the university division of UE150, have to deal with. This overwhelmingly female workforce must often work more … Continue reading

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Freeing the Charleston 5

Freeing the Charleston 5: the Larger Significance of the Dockworkers Case  Working-class victories are few and far between these days. However, in Charleston, SC, the termination of the cases against five members of the International Longshoremen's Association, Locals 1422 and … Continue reading

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Public Schools

Nearly 50 years ago, in the famous Brown v. Board of Education decision, the U.S. Supreme Court said that restricting people of color to separate public schools constituted discrimination and racial inequality. Today, after decades of grassroots struggle, advocacy and … Continue reading

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On the Crisis of Socialism

With the collapse of Soviet-style “socialism” throughout Eastern Europe, the crushing of the 1989 democracy movement in China, and the general disarray of the Marxist left internationally, a phase of socialist experimentation has drawn to a close. The experience of … Continue reading

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