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Learning from Socialists: Agroecology in Cuba

Learning from Socialists In 2006, my wife and I were fortunate to travel to Cuba with an international Agroecological delegation from Mexico, Venezuela, Mozambique, North Korea, Japan, Ireland and other countries, as well as the United States. In the face … Continue reading

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The Mass Line: What It Is and How to Use ItLa Línea de Masas: Qué Es y Cómo Usarlo

While organizing people on the bus, I met a Black janitor who was very supportive of our work to fight for better buses and lowered fares, but thought that “immigrants” caused the bus fares to cost more. Instead of agreeing … Continue reading

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Nepal’s First Days of May: General Strike and ProvocationNepal’s First Days of May: General Strike and Provocation

Kathmandu, May 11 — The largest mobilization of human beings in Nepal’s history brought hundreds of thousands of villagers into the capital Kathmandu for May First protests – and the entire country to a standstill. May Day! On May First, … Continue reading

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The Arizona GauntletEl Incendio de Arizona

Arizona Governor Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 last week. That was anticipated. This legislation actually expands existing practices that police and immigration authorities use to racially profile immigrants. Authorities now may interpret as they see fit the “behaviors and physical … Continue reading

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As Thousands Arrive for May 1st: Maoists Call General Strike

  The workshops of Kathmandu’s broken-down trolley system are not far from the airport. The roar of jet engines flying low on approach contrasts with the strange silence of the idle repair barns. Working men play cards beside the rusting … Continue reading

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Socialism Offers the Best Hope for Humanity

I am a Chicano who believes that socialism offers the best hope of effecting fundamental social change for the benefit of humankind.  Historically, the Marxist approach to understanding the nature of class struggle and social divisions offers the most coherent … Continue reading

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Copenhagen, Cochabamba, Detroit: Building a Climate Justice Movement

What do these 3 cities have in common?  Objectively, maybe not much but each may play a pivotal role in the construction of the most significant movement to challenge to global capital that I’ll see in my lifetime. This past … Continue reading

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The Movement for Public Education Marches Forth

When the conditions are right, a single spark can ignite a prairie fire.  The match that lit the March 4 Day of Action for Public Education was struck in California, but it burned across the country.  Tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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The Anti-War Movement Seven Years After Shock and Awe El Movimiento Anti-Guerra Después de Siete Años

The war in Iraq is still on. It’s already the second most expensive war in US history–only WWII cost more. The war in Afghanistan is heating up. It’s now the second longest war in US history–only Vietnam lasted longer. So … Continue reading

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Eating Our Work: Co-ops and Food Justice

As many of us on the Left struggle with big questions of the economic and ecological crises, we also fight for socialism on a more personal level. Every day, the choices of what we eat and where we spend our … Continue reading

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