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The Mass Line: What It Is and How to Use It

While organizing people on the bus, I met a Black janitor who was very supportive of our work to fight for better buses and lowered fares, but thought that “immigrants” caused the bus fares to cost more. Instead of agreeing … Continue reading

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Nepal’s First Days of May: General Strike and Provocation

Kathmandu, May 11 — The largest mobilization of human beings in Nepal’s history brought hundreds of thousands of villagers into the capital Kathmandu for May First protests – and the entire country to a standstill. May Day! On May First, … Continue reading

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As Thousands Arrive for May 1st: Maoists Call General Strike

  The workshops of Kathmandu’s broken-down trolley system are not far from the airport. The roar of jet engines flying low on approach contrasts with the strange silence of the idle repair barns. Working men play cards beside the rusting … Continue reading

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Statement on the Revolution in Nepal

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Leader, Prachanda Nepal is one of the most poor and economically underdeveloped countries in the world. It sits between the nations of India and China and within these conditions a broad and astonishing revolutionary … Continue reading

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Statement on Iran

  Tehran Protestors   It is no easier for FRSO/OSCL to understand and respond to the dramatic events now shaking Iran than anyone else. The situation there is confused and fluid, shifting daily. The basic assumptions of Shi’ite society under … Continue reading

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Which theorist are you most like?

Which theorist are you most like? 1. You’re at a party in a huge, very expensive house full of people you don’t know. This is a very unfamiliar setting for you. What do you do? A) Look for other people … Continue reading

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Latinoamerica Unida: The significance of electoral victories in Latin America

I finally watched The Motorcycle Diaries.  Maybe you've seen it too.  It's that Focus Features indie where a very fresh-faced, hot, Gael Garcia Bernal-looking Che Guevara rides a shitty motorcycle through South America in 1945.  Along the way he crashes … Continue reading

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Revolution in the Air — Intro

Only months after its release, Max Elbaum's study of the US New Communist Movement of the 1970s, Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che (Verso, 2002), has become required reading for veterans of that movement … Continue reading

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The Fire Last Time

The past few years has seen the emergence of a new generation of radical activists. After an initial upsurge represented by the anti-WTO actions in Seattle, many have begun to ask themselves hard but important questions about what it means … Continue reading

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33-1/3 Revolutions Per Minute

Poem of the Week1/7/01-1/13/01 33-1/3 Revolutions Per Minute a love poem for Friday night revolutionaries The revolution has been—          the revolution has been—                    the revolution is in danger                    of becoming a has-been. Hip-hop has failed its missionstraying from its destiny as the poetry … Continue reading

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