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Latinoamerica Unida: The significance of electoral victories in Latin America

I finally watched The Motorcycle Diaries.  Maybe you've seen it too.  It's that Focus Features indie where a very fresh-faced, hot, Gael Garcia Bernal-looking Che Guevara rides a shitty motorcycle through South America in 1945.  Along the way he crashes … Continue reading

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Military Matters #35 — What We Don’t and Do Know: The Case of Hasan Akbar

Reprinted from Counterpunch. The determinations of a court martial, in much the same way as a civilian trial, conform to reality selectively where these determinations match the facts at all. That is certainly the case for Hasan Akbar, who was … Continue reading

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Military Matters #24 — A Ramble through Gender & the Military

"[T]he psychoanalytic process should be understood as occurring between subjects rather than within the individual. Mental life is seen from an intersubjective perspective. Although this perspective has transformed both our theory and our practice in important ways, such transformations create … Continue reading

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Arlandria Co-op

As 2001 opened, Alexandria, Virginia faced an invasion. The city’s 125,000 residents already tend to be affluent, and 60% of them are white. Now it has become the place to settle for the rich Republicans flocking to the Capitol to … Continue reading

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We Want His Freedom Any-Way

For Mumia So you say, at least this period has passed, they lostWe must kill him, He must payThe words he spoke taught too muchShed the light, Exposed the TruthWE WANT HIS FREEDOM ANY-WAY Of course the power remains the … Continue reading

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