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El Salvador and US

The electoral victory in El Salvador of Mauricio Funes, candidate of the leftist Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) has immense historical and political significance.  The FMLN was a guerrilla movement that in all probability could have won control of … Continue reading

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Doing Elections

Some recent controversy in connection with the statement on the US Presidential elections by Jamala Rogers posted on the FRSO website, along with a odd exchange that accompanied a piece that I wrote at The Black Commentator on the now-halted … Continue reading

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A Rainbow Coalition the Second Time Around

originally published in the Summer, 2006 issue of Independent Politics, a publication of Independent Progressive Politics Network (IPPN) The current weakened state of the Left may be great fodder for jokes, as in, "What’s left of the Left? " However, … Continue reading

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¡Presente! Sanjulo Ber (né William Harvey Johnson)

Sanjulo and me. Our political histories were very similar. Our political paths were both parallel and intersecting. Our first serious involvement came as black students from working-class neighborhoods. We were searching for our cultural and political identity and our place … Continue reading

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Military Matters #26 — Dogfight: the Gendered Degeneration of Politics

Christopher Lasch, in The Culture of Narcissism – American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations, published all the way back in 1979, said: Success in our society has to be ratified by publicity… all politics becomes a form of … Continue reading

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Military Matters #16 — War Bulletin #3: Doctrines & Developments

As this is written, mechanized Army and Marine units have closed to within shouting distance of Southern Baghdad along the southern axes of advance through the Tigris and Euphrates valleys. There are as many accounts of actual disposition, composition, strength, … Continue reading

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'Remember to Kick it Over'  Bullets are flying all over the world. For those of you forced to cancel your Afghani wedding plans due to a few over-zealous US bombing runs, Moscow theater outings due to someone cuttin' the cheese … Continue reading

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Out & Fighting

Freedom Road Interviews Linda Evans On January 20, Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg, anti-imperialist political prisoners incarcerated for nearly 16 years. Linda has hit the ground running. She lives in California and is an … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week12/30/00-1/6/01 Untitled keep the poetry page?what kind of barbarismis afoot that wouldeven entertain thethought let alone itsexpression in print? keep the poetry page?have we reached a summitin the history of humankindwhere we no longer needlanguage to describethings … Continue reading

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3 Haiku for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Young Panther, the boldjournalist, His crime? — speakingthe truth to power. With huge heart, wry wit,and ardent analysis —a torch for freedom Sunny, slightly sly,smile slips through barren bars tosprinkle us with life. David Gilbert is a North American political … Continue reading

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