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Transgender Organizing Today: Whose Side Will You Be On?

A few days ago, Dwight DeLee was found guilt of 1st degree manslaughter as a hate crime. He shot and killed transgender woman Lateisha Green. He was only the second person convicted of a hate crime for the killing of … Continue reading

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Which theorist are you most like?

Which theorist are you most like? 1. You’re at a party in a huge, very expensive house full of people you don’t know. This is a very unfamiliar setting for you. What do you do? A) Look for other people … Continue reading

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New Terrain for Self-Determination in the Current Economic Crisis and The Right to the City Theory

Capital vs. the People in Urban Terrain The stimulus money funneled down through federal and then state channels to our cities is of course taxpayer money.  It remains to be seen how these huge amounts of money will be spent … Continue reading

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The New Strategy to Rebuild a Healthy Left!

I originally wrote this in 2004 but decided to update it during this period of economic crisis which many people (revolutionaries, organizers, social movement forces, and masses of people in general) will face on a personal level.  I believe that … Continue reading

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Building & Winning: Left Response to the Economic Crisis

It has been credited to the life of Oregon activist Tom Bernard, who not only thought it up, but provided the initial sketches for his idea: a local “town hall” style meeting of the Left in Oregon, bringing together the … Continue reading

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Laid Off Workers Occupy Factory: Changing the Formula in Chicago

In November 2008, the nearly 300 workers at Chicago’s Republic Windows and Doors Company discovered missing equipment in their plant.  Fearing the worst, the workers notified the leadership of their union, United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) … Continue reading

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Talking Points on the Economic Crisis

As organizers in the labor movement, the oppressed nationality communities, and community based organizations and people movements, we are all looking for talking points to help make sense of the confusing and fast moving economic crisis. We offer these talking … Continue reading

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Ecological crises: a priority for the Left in the early 21st Century

Hurricanes, Fires, and Polar Bears, Oh My! The left, particularly in the U.S. and other northern countries, has a history of ignoring issues of ecology.  But the floodwaters are reaching people’s houses, the fires are in our backyards, and the … Continue reading

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The Left’s Role in Engaging in the Elections and Defending the Vote

The Elections Arena: Wake up and Smell the Masses   In this presidential election, voters will turn out in record numbers. Pennsylvania has reached a high of 8.6 million registered voters, and the Indiana voter rolls show more than 470,000 new … Continue reading

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Fighting Back against the Bailout

The two columns below come from the St. Louis American, an award-winning Black newspaper in St. Louis, MO. Rogers writes a weekly column, The Way I See It. She is also a member of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. The first … Continue reading

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