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Membership in Freedom Road Socialist Organization: Members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization are involved in a wide range of organizations in many aspects of the people’s struggles. We are in immigrant workers’ centers and labor unions and rank and … Continue reading

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Join the Fight on the Second Anniversary of Katrina

The Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina finds the Gulf Coast still in a devastated state with tens of thousands or Katrina survivors unable to return to any sense of normalcy. The response to the horrendous damage done by the winds … Continue reading

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Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organizacion Socialista del Camino para la Libertad

Freedom Road Socialist Organization works to bring about a socialist movement in the USA that can replace capitalism. We are struggling for a movement that can liberate all people from the complex and intersecting forces that oppress us. We have … Continue reading

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Raza Youth Rise Up: Student Mobilizations in the 1990s

Published by the Oppressed Nationalities Commission of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. It has been approximately ten years since the most recent phase of Raza mobilization began here in California. The student walkouts that rocked many northern California high schools … Continue reading

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They Wanted to Serve the People

Madness seems to be on a dizzying march. While the US economy continues to crumble, poverty in the country reaches new levels, 41 million people lack any health insurance, and each day brings new revelations of massive corporate crime, President … Continue reading

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Some Lessons from the Family Tree of the New Communist Movement

Our younger comrades and other young revolutionaries of the present day who check out the family tree of the new communist movement tend to be either fascinated or appalled, or both. They see legendary organizations they've heard of or read … Continue reading

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