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Critical Assessment of the Current Period (2009-2010)

“Capitalism has no answers that humanity can afford to accept.” Preface:  The following are a set of theses which summarize what we—the NEC—believe to be the central components of the present conjuncture or moment.  This is being written in this … Continue reading

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The Question of Leadership and 21st Century Socialism

The U.S. government has recently inaugurated a new president with all the pomp and flourishes that accompany the election of a president in this country.  All of the ceremony and ritual conveys a particular understanding of leadership developed under capitalism … Continue reading

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The Young and the Leftless: An Open Letter on Organization

The following letter, written by young members of FRSO/OSCL, is an attempt to bridge the generation gap on the question of organization. In our years of work in mass movements and Left organizations, we have found that the questions, and … Continue reading

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The Visiting Room

fallen M & M’s children fetching the hard candy men on one side, women and children, (and sometimes fathers) the other “Number One in Security Professionals Make a Difference” black shiny bubbles, eyes on the ceiling, big brother watches black … Continue reading

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Introducing Our New Strategy Document: “Which Way Is Left?”

Since the beginning of 2007, the period since FRSO/OSCL's most recent congress, our organization's strategy has been different from any in the past. In the previous three-year period between FRSO/OSCL congresses (2003-2006), the US Left faced chaotic and quickly changing … Continue reading

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The Road Ahead for 2007-2010

Every three years, Freedom Road Socialist Organization / Organización Socialista del Camino para la Libertad develops a strategy for a new period. The strategy is developed based on the political conditions and main challenges we face in the period, summation … Continue reading

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Archives Introduction

Download this piece as a PDF

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Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organizacion Socialista del Camino para la Libertad

Freedom Road Socialist Organization works to bring about a socialist movement in the USA that can replace capitalism. We are struggling for a movement that can liberate all people from the complex and intersecting forces that oppress us. We have … Continue reading

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FAQ section added

People seem to have a lot of questions about the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. They email queries to this website, grill old friends who are in the Road, pump members who they have just met and collect gossip from left … Continue reading

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The Crisis within the Left: Theory, Program, Organization

For nearly 15 years, FRSO has recognized the crisis in socialism both here and abroad. Even though this crisis is not new, conditions in the world (for example, war and occupation) and in the US (reflected in the recent Presidential … Continue reading

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