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The Mass Line: What It Is and How to Use It

While organizing people on the bus, I met a Black janitor who was very supportive of our work to fight for better buses and lowered fares, but thought that “immigrants” caused the bus fares to cost more. Instead of agreeing … Continue reading

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The New Strategy to Rebuild a Healthy Left!

I originally wrote this in 2004 but decided to update it during this period of economic crisis which many people (revolutionaries, organizers, social movement forces, and masses of people in general) will face on a personal level.  I believe that … Continue reading

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New book published: The Cost of Privilege

Buy A Copy The National Executive Committee of FRSO/OSCL is pleased to announce that Camino Press has published a new book: The Cost of Privilege: Taking On the System of White Supremacy and Racism. This book is a comprehensive account … Continue reading

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Somos Lunaticos, Queremos Justicia

I am going to the lunadaTonight to beWith all the lunaticosWho are tired of oppressionWe are going to howlInto the nightTo condemn la locuraWhich has plagued society¡Queremos justicia!No more oppressionWe want justice!No more discriminationWe want justice!No more xenophobic hysteriaWe want … Continue reading

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