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A Revolutionary Perspective on Fourth of July

    Frederick Douglass   A Revolutionary Perspective on Fourth of July from Fredrick Douglas:  The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro Forget what you’ve been told: the American Revolution was not a revolution, but a white men’s bourgeois … Continue reading

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Won’t Believe the Hype

The following essay is about the ongoing struggle against sexual violence, especially in the context of the last year's events in Durham, NC. Readers should know that it could trigger difficult emotional responses among survivors and those folks close to … Continue reading

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Military Matters #29 — Sexualized Touch and Killing: Amateur Anthropology

Maronage. It's the French word for "runaway," and it was used to refer to the slaves who ran away to live in autonomous communities in the mountains of Haiti when it was still the French slave-colony of Saint Domingue. Anglicized, … Continue reading

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Intersections: The LGBTQ Role in Society, the Struggle and Socialism

Intersections: two talks on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer movement and the fight against patriarchy. The discussion of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) movement concerns a movement of profound difference that in and of itself is … Continue reading

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Military Matters #25 — Rape Culture and the Military

Detainee abuse is in the news, but rape is being kept at bay. We have heard little about the rape of Iraqi women, which is being committed against detainees and non-detainees alike, about the rape of Iraqi men who are … Continue reading

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Military Matters #18 — Let’s Talk About Sex

After a short hiatus (which seemed awfully long, given the pace of developments in the the Mideast), Stan Goff's Military Matters column is back. Stan had been putting finishing touches on his forthcoming book about the US military since 9/11, … Continue reading

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