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Dialectical and Historical Materialism is for Community Organizers: an Introduction

If you are an organizer working in any way to make progressive change, this framework is probably familiar: Work to build power by recruiting members and developing their leadership abilities. Center the work on issues. Use collective, direct-action strategies as … Continue reading

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Socialism Offers the Best Hope for Humanity

I am a Chicano who believes that socialism offers the best hope of effecting fundamental social change for the benefit of humankind.  Historically, the Marxist approach to understanding the nature of class struggle and social divisions offers the most coherent … Continue reading

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The Anti-War Movement Seven Years After Shock and Awe

The war in Iraq is still on. It’s already the second most expensive war in US history–only WWII cost more. The war in Afghanistan is heating up. It’s now the second longest war in US history–only Vietnam lasted longer. So … Continue reading

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