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Military Matters #28 — Torture & Cinema: Man on Fire

On September 24, 2004, CNN reported charges brought against three US Navy SEALS in the death of an Iraqi detainee, part of a much larger damage control investigation in the wake of the Abu Ghraib photo crisis – an investigation … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Towers

Every Sunday I pull a new tarot,leave it face up on the alter next to my bed.That Sunday it was the Tower,lightning striking its hubris,people toppling to their deaths.That Tuesday the towers were gone. The day was so beautiful,all Miriam … Continue reading

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'Remember to Kick it Over'  Bullets are flying all over the world. For those of you forced to cancel your Afghani wedding plans due to a few over-zealous US bombing runs, Moscow theater outings due to someone cuttin' the cheese … Continue reading

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Miracle Gro

the man with the tie on the man with the tie on television frowns, frowns at his lawn, the lawn he works on. He has to work hard to make it grow green in the fall, the fall of the … Continue reading

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Frederick Douglass

When it is finally ours, this freedom, this liberty, this beautifuland terrible thing, needful to man as air,usable as earth; when it belongs at last to all,when it is truly instinct, brain matter, diastole, systole,reflex action; when it is finally … Continue reading

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at Times Square we rise upsurface for air, exchangeone inferno for another, but wecan’t pass crowd packed neckto neck against sweatstained thick police,round cornered man jammedinto cramped cheapstore doorway.the no-armed man’s black, on his kneesshirt ripped hands held cuffed behind … Continue reading

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