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As Thousands Arrive for May 1st: Maoists Call General Strike

  The workshops of Kathmandu’s broken-down trolley system are not far from the airport. The roar of jet engines flying low on approach contrasts with the strange silence of the idle repair barns. Working men play cards beside the rusting … Continue reading

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Socialism Offers the Best Hope for Humanity

I am a Chicano who believes that socialism offers the best hope of effecting fundamental social change for the benefit of humankind.  Historically, the Marxist approach to understanding the nature of class struggle and social divisions offers the most coherent … Continue reading

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Loving in the Movement: Revolutionary Task or Unity Crusher?

I want to talk about love this month not because the corporate holiday is coming up but because it is a little summed-up experience that has a big impact on our movement. I draw here from both theory and practice. … Continue reading

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Lenin walks around the world. Frontiers cannot bar him. Neither barracks nor barricades impede. Nor does barbed wire scar him. Lenin walks around the world. Black, brown and white receive him. Language is no barrier. The strangest tongues believe him. … Continue reading

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