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Join the Fight on the Second Anniversary of Katrina

The Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina finds the Gulf Coast still in a devastated state with tens of thousands or Katrina survivors unable to return to any sense of normalcy. The response to the horrendous damage done by the winds … Continue reading

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Katrina — the Sunbelt: The Work That Now Must Be Done

Katrina’s devastation is no coincidence. The impacted area is in the middle of the Sunbelt, home of low union density and "right-to-work for less" laws. The planned disenfranchisement of Florida voters in the 2000 election. Huge demographic changes with new … Continue reading

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In Iraq and the Gulf Coast, Big Storms Blow Holes in the War

The anti-war/anti-occupation movement finds itself in a new and promising — but rapidly changing — situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Karl Rove’s scheming and the media’s discomfort at pointing out the emperor’s new duds will nudge things back … Continue reading

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