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The Anti-War Movement Seven Years After Shock and Awe

The war in Iraq is still on. It’s already the second most expensive war in US history–only WWII cost more. The war in Afghanistan is heating up. It’s now the second longest war in US history–only Vietnam lasted longer. So … Continue reading

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Statement on Iran

  Tehran Protestors   It is no easier for FRSO/OSCL to understand and respond to the dramatic events now shaking Iran than anyone else. The situation there is confused and fluid, shifting daily. The basic assumptions of Shi’ite society under … Continue reading

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Iran and the US Left

Some months ago I had a discussion with a progressive Kurdish activist. We started the discussion looking at what was happening in Iraq, and specifically the matter of the alliance that the Kurds had consummated with the US in opposition … Continue reading

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Military Matters #31 — Why and How Iran?

George W. Bush's handlers must be ruing the day they failed to include a few more countries on the Axis of Evil list.  A lot of people are still wondering how one merited inclusion on the first one, given that … Continue reading

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