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An Old Game with a New Name in Arizona: Join the Fight Against SB 1070!

Arizona’s elected officials have decided to officially scapegoat Latinos for the economic crisis facing that state and the entire country. On July 29th, Arizona’s SB 1070 will require police to ask any person who looks “reasonably suspicious” for their immigration … Continue reading

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Arizona: Ground Zero for the Economic, Ecological and Political Crises

Background   On April 23, 2010 Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed into law Senate Bill 1070, a broad bill increasing state powers of enforcement of federal immigration policy and in essence sanctioning racial profiling. It allows police officers to … Continue reading

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May Day in a Time of Crisis

Every activist and organization that knows and cares about May Day continues to acknowledge the role of the immigrant rights movement in reviving the Workers holiday in the U.S.  The May 2006 demonstrations that brought millions into the streets in … Continue reading

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On May Day 2008: Build Unity with Immigrants and All the Oppressed

May 1st is here today. It is the historic International Workers' Day where workers and oppressed people manifest in various ways their determination to resist and ultimately break the chains of capital. This day is remembered and celebrated with fervor … Continue reading

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May Day 2007: Immigrants’ Rights are Workers’ Rights

Until last year, May Day for workers, progressives and revolutionaries in the US found us looking at struggles in the global South for inspiration and affirmation that the oppressed will resist, and can win against, the ravages of capitalist exploitation. … Continue reading

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May Day Is the Workers’ Day!

May Day Is the Workers’ Day! This is no mere slogan. It is a battle cry and it has rung out across the globe in countless languages for 120 years. May 1, 1886. May Day, the international working class holiday, … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Giant Awakes!

(Introduction to the pamphlet version of Raza Youth Rise Up: Student Mobilizations in the 1990s) March 2006 saw a stunning eruption of anger and determination by millions of immigrants — undocumented and “legal” alike. We hit the streets in hundreds … Continue reading

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