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May Day in a Time of CrisisEl Primero de Mayo en los Tiempos de Crisis

Every activist and organization that knows and cares about May Day continues to acknowledge the role of the immigrant rights movement in reviving the Workers holiday in the U.S.  The May 2006 demonstrations that brought millions into the streets in … Continue reading

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On May Day 2008: Build Unity with Immigrants and All the OppressedEn el Primero de Mayo: Promover la Unidad entre las/los Inmigrantes y Todas/os las/los Oprimidas/os

May 1st is here today. It is the historic International Workers' Day where workers and oppressed people manifest in various ways their determination to resist and ultimately break the chains of capital. This day is remembered and celebrated with fervor … Continue reading

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Immigrants Fight for FreedomLa Lucha de las/los Inmigrantes para la Libertad

A festival of the oppressed. That is the phrase that came to mind as I walked with one million people on March 25th. On that day, Mexicana/o and Latina/o working class immigrants, their families, and their supporters took over the … Continue reading

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‘And We’re Not Going Back!’‘¡Aquí Estamos, y No Nos Vamos!’

A May Day Miracle Last May 1st, a “miracle” took place in Los Angeles. On a typically balmy Southern California day, an atypical mass action enveloped the streets of downtown LA. Twelve thousand immigrant workers and their supporters took to … Continue reading

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