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The Struggle for Healthcare in Historical and International Context

The struggle for universal healthcare in the U.S. has been long and difficult.  Since the late 1800s, there have been multiple efforts at reform and revolutionary change.  They have been met with much resistance from all sides, for various reasons.  … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform and Labor: How to Fight

Union members across the country are rallying to defend health care reform at Congressional Town Hall meetings.  The right-wing populists are doing everything in their power to stop the discussion and shout down Congress members who have shown any sign … Continue reading

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The New Strategy to Rebuild a Healthy Left!

I originally wrote this in 2004 but decided to update it during this period of economic crisis which many people (revolutionaries, organizers, social movement forces, and masses of people in general) will face on a personal level.  I believe that … Continue reading

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A Guy Named ‘Bob’: Life in This Brave New World without Health Care and Job Security

Over the years I have gotten to know a guy named "Bob" [not his real name]. The government would probably classify him as an independent contractor, but he works for this company that does what can broadly be described as … Continue reading

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The Left and Mental Health

Before anyone makes a crack or attempts to be sarcastic, I would ask you — to borrow the words of a friend — to pause. By and large the Left has no idea how to handle mental health and substance … Continue reading

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Military Matters #8 — Recruit This!

A friend of mine just had surgery for prostate cancer. He is only four years older than me, and I have begun to worry that I haven't had a PSA yet. It makes me a little nervous. My script has … Continue reading

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