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Talking Points on the Economic Crisis

As organizers in the labor movement, the oppressed nationality communities, and community based organizations and people movements, we are all looking for talking points to help make sense of the confusing and fast moving economic crisis. We offer these talking … Continue reading

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The Economic Crisis and the U.S. Left

“Money makes a good servant, but a bad master.” — Sir Francis Bacon 1. Thinking about the current crisis by way of an analogy with a pyramid scheme is helpful on two levels:      • Much like a pyramid scheme, … Continue reading

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The Crisis within the Left: Theory, Program, Organization

For nearly 15 years, FRSO has recognized the crisis in socialism both here and abroad. Even though this crisis is not new, conditions in the world (for example, war and occupation) and in the US (reflected in the recent Presidential … Continue reading

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Military Matters #27 — There’s No There There: Debating a Neocon

When I was first invited by Dr. Stephen Smith to speak at Winthrop University in South Carolina, I was preparing a trip to Haiti and I didn't give much thought to how I would handle the engagement. I'd just finished … Continue reading

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In time of crisis

Poem of the Week2/11/01-2/17/01 In time of crisis You are the brave who do not breakIn the grip of the mob when the blow comes straightto the shattered bone; when the sockets shriek;When your arms lie twisted under your back.Good … Continue reading

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