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Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism

  Carl Davidson   Comrades and friends: Below, a boiling down of socialism to eleven talking points by CCDSer Carl Davidson.  In keeping up with the spirited dialogues happening here and across the United States and the rest of the … Continue reading

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Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism

The current discussion around socialism in left and progressive circles in the U.S. needs to be placed in a more substantive arena. This is an effort to do so. I take note in advance of the criticism that the following … Continue reading

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How Do We Take This Bad Boy Off? A Thesis Statement on Social Transformation in the United States

I. The Conditions We Face—Neo-Liberalism: The Imperialism of the 21st Century A. Neo-liberalism became the ideological orientation for the dramatic reorganization of global capitalism. Unfolding in earnest since the mid-1970’s, this reorganization—generally called globalization—includes features like the electronic revolution (aided … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Sports and Class Struggle

Until reading Brad Snyder's A Well-Paid Slave: Curt Flood's Fight for Free Agency in Professional Sports and William C. Rhoden's Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete, I had not thought much about the … Continue reading

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Military Matters #9 — Huntington’s Model

I was roaming through a Barnes & Noble bookstore last week, when I ran across a book written by my old team leader from 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment –D (Delta Force). The book oddly enough, was entitled Inside Delta … Continue reading

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Socialists Allied for Global Justice

(On the weekend of September 28 and 29, 2002, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank held their annual meetings in Washington D.C. Freedom Road protested the event as part of a Socialist Contingent organized with the Socialist Party … Continue reading

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Two Veterans of the New Communist Movement Look Back

Vicky and Paul are members of FRSO and both were members of the October League/Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), one of the organizations that was part of the New Communist Movement. Vicky is from the working class and Paul left the student … Continue reading

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Main Political Report

The main statement on the world situation passed at FRSO's periodic congresses. A draft of this main political report was presented to the national congress of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in November 2000. Based on the congress discussion, the … Continue reading

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On the Crisis of Socialism

With the collapse of Soviet-style “socialism” throughout Eastern Europe, the crushing of the 1989 democracy movement in China, and the general disarray of the Marxist left internationally, a phase of socialist experimentation has drawn to a close. The experience of … Continue reading

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