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New Terrain for Self-Determination in the Current Economic Crisis and The Right to the City Theory

Capital vs. the People in Urban Terrain The stimulus money funneled down through federal and then state channels to our cities is of course taxpayer money.  It remains to be seen how these huge amounts of money will be spent … Continue reading

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It Was in the Year of the Strike

It was in the year of the strike.The city lay, a patient stripped of coverings,in the landscape.Fever dreams of birds long flown south.Now the streets exploded with people.They were hungry, and worse; they’d had enoughof war.Their leaders waved slogansand we,we … Continue reading

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My City

Poem of the Week9/30/01-10/6/01 My City What if life were longand eternity short? In my city innocent peopleare killed by a thunderousterror from above. Vendorsin the street are pummeledby rubble. Men and womenon their way to work are greetedwith the … Continue reading

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Poem of the Week5/6/01-5/12/01 News From miles awaythe wholecity glows withthe supper of neonit eats everynight. And the warburns on, the glow over the cityfed by that white heat. Ourcandlelit meals, flecks of goldin the winefeed on that glow;our easy … Continue reading

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Philly Chinatown Beats Back a Stadium

In the spring of 2000, a shock hit residents of Philadelphia's Chinatown. Out of the blue, the City pegged our neighborhood as their intended site for a new baseball stadium. In response, the Chinatown community came together to fight the … Continue reading

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The Call

The Call Download this piece as a PDF

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