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An Old Game with a New Name in Arizona: Join the Fight Against SB 1070!

Arizona’s elected officials have decided to officially scapegoat Latinos for the economic crisis facing that state and the entire country. On July 29th, Arizona’s SB 1070 will require police to ask any person who looks “reasonably suspicious” for their immigration … Continue reading

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Stupid America

    with a big knife in his steady hand he doesn't want to knife you he wants to sit on a bench and carve christfigures but you won't let him. stupid america, hear that chicano shouting curses on the … Continue reading

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Back in the Day

The Chicano Moratorium   Tens of thousands of Chicanas and Chicanos from all over Aztlán, the Southwest, converged on Los Angeles for the Moratorium. Panels, religious services, exhibitions, performances, radio programs and a spirited rally of several hundred gave Los … Continue reading

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They Wanted to Serve the People

Madness seems to be on a dizzying march. While the US economy continues to crumble, poverty in the country reaches new levels, 41 million people lack any health insurance, and each day brings new revelations of massive corporate crime, President … Continue reading

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