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Marriage Inequality: Painful Lessons for the Queer Community and the Road Ahead

As I write this article, the No on Proposition 8 campaign has conceded after most of the final absentee ballots have been counted.  Prop 8 on the California ballot redefines the CA constitution and strips away the right of same-sex … Continue reading

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Towards African-American Unity and a Black United Front

"Power never takes a back step–only in the face of more power." "Dr. King wants the same thing I want–Freedom." –Malcolm X On what would have been Malcolm's eighty-third birthday, it is appropriate that we speak to the urgency for … Continue reading

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Free The Charleston 5

Dockworkers in Charleston, South Carolina Are direct descendants of Africa and Slavery Unloading the ships Moving the cargo from all over the world Stocking the warehouses Flexed muscles Tight backs Tired knees But their spirit remains strong Dockworkers, a stable … Continue reading

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The Visiting Room

fallen M & M’s children fetching the hard candy men on one side, women and children, (and sometimes fathers) the other “Number One in Security Professionals Make a Difference” black shiny bubbles, eyes on the ceiling, big brother watches black … Continue reading

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Join the Fight on the Second Anniversary of Katrina

The Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina finds the Gulf Coast still in a devastated state with tens of thousands or Katrina survivors unable to return to any sense of normalcy. The response to the horrendous damage done by the winds … Continue reading

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Remembering Jackie Robinson

Baseball celebrated one of its most iconic figures ever during the recent 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s step onto the dusty field of the Brooklyn Dodgers stadium. Robinson and his family made tall sacrifices in order to be a part … Continue reading

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¡Presente! Sanjulo Ber (né William Harvey Johnson)

Sanjulo and me. Our political histories were very similar. Our political paths were both parallel and intersecting. Our first serious involvement came as black students from working-class neighborhoods. We were searching for our cultural and political identity and our place … Continue reading

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Statement to the April 10th Immigration Justice Rally, Siler City, NC

Speech delivered by Ajamu Dillahunt, for Black Workers for Justice, to a rally of 10,000 demanding Justice for Immigrants in Siler City, NC on April 10, 2006. Translated from the Spanish. Good Evening. I bring you greetings from the Black … Continue reading

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For Ajamu

Download this piece as a PDF

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In the Spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.

STOP the Execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal! FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION The struggle to save Mumia Abu-Jamal is intensifying. On one side, the clock is ticking: for the second time, an execution warrant signed by Pennsylvania Gov. Ridge has been set … Continue reading

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