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A Revolutionary Perspective on Fourth of July

    Frederick Douglass   A Revolutionary Perspective on Fourth of July from Fredrick Douglas:  The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro Forget what you’ve been told: the American Revolution was not a revolution, but a white men’s bourgeois … Continue reading

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Military Matters #7 — Hangul

"Oonjeek ijee mah! Chun chunee, moo ryay son oonjah!" This, along with hello, thanks, and you're welcome, is what I remember of Hangul, the language spoken in Korea. What this means is "Everyone freeze! Now slowly put your hands on … Continue reading

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Military Matters #5 — Overreach

[This column will appear in hard copy in the forthcoming issue of The Socialist, a publication of the Socialist Party USA. It deals with the issue of US imperialism overreaching in its grab for unchallenged bully-of-the world status, an issue … Continue reading

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Thinking about Theory

One of the ironies of recent politics is that while white mainstream journalists, pundits and ordinary people are more willing to acknowledge the existence of white privilege, some sections of the predominantly- white socialist left remain resistant to it. Some … Continue reading

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Aaron McGruderThe Most Dangerous Man Alive? Who is this Mr. McGruder, and what makes him so formidable? Aaron McGruder's weapons of choice are a pen, scathing wit, and the belief that words, images and a daily platform in the nation's … Continue reading

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I want to walk the streets of a town,Turn into any restaurant and sit down,And be served the food of my choice,And not be met by a hostile voice.I want to live in the best hotel for a week,Or go … Continue reading

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