How to Join

Membership in Freedom Road Socialist Organization:

Members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization are involved in a wide range of organizations in many aspects of the people’s struggles. We are in immigrant workers’ centers and labor unions and rank and file caucuses. We are in organizations in oppressed communities, like the Black Radical Congress. We are in student groups, in teacher and parent organizations and international solidarity groups.

How do people join?
People join a local district. Usually they meet us through doing mass work, and if they seem compatible in approach, we invite them to study our Unity Documents and other key points of line and theory. If there seems to be a fit, after common work and study with us, they join up. Because we believe in working collectively in the same mass organizations, it’s somewhat more complicated and demanding to join Freedom Road than a group which lets you just sign up and come to meetings if you agree with their ideas. This approach is embodied in the formal requirement that a member agree with our basic documents (which you can find on this website) and general line, be actively involved in fighting the enemy and take part in the collective life of the organization (including paying dues).

What are the Points of Unity?
Members of Freedom Road have basic unity on four documents:

  1. Unity Statement
  2. National Oppression, National Liberation and Socialist Revolution
  3. The Crisis of Socialism
  4. Ecological Justice

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