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Principles and perspectives on the revolutionary process

The following theses are the result of a lengthy process of research and discussion carried out by Freedom Road Socialist Organization. We view it not as the end point of that discussion but rather as a living document, reflecting our thinking … Continue reading

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All eyes on Jackson: Help make Chokwe Lumumba mayor

Chokwe Lumumba has shaken up the political establishment in Jackson, Mississippi with his success in two elections in a row. Now he is on the edge of becoming mayor, and the time is now to make every effort to support … Continue reading

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Creating a Viable Black Left: Sixteen Lessons Learned in Building the Black Radical Congress

This important and long-awaited summation was originally published on “No one said it would be easy.” Preface: “…Where is the BRC when we need it?” We have heard this question over the years from Black activists from one side of the … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the 2010 US Social Forum: Video Excerpts

The US Social Forum is the largest gathering of social movement forces in the United States. In 2007, the first US Social Forum was held in Atlanta. That meeting led to the formation of a number of national networks that … Continue reading

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Step Up for Activists Under FBI/Grand Jury Attack

I very recently spoke with an old friend who is one of the peace and solidarity activists in the Midwest being targeted by the FBI and a Federal Grand Jury. Like many of us, I have been following the case … Continue reading

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They Will Come for Us in the Morning: Why Redbaiting Must be Challenged

“So let’s all be careful that we don’t play the bosses’ game by falling for the Red scare. Let’s stand by our union and fellow unionists. No union man, worthy of the name, will play the bosses’ game. Some may … Continue reading

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First Thoughts On The USSF

I had to feel for the guys working at the shoeshine concession in Cobo Hall, Detroit’s mammoth convention center, the venue where the second United States Social Forum took place last week. They do okay at the normal run of … Continue reading

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Our USSF Workshop Recommendations

Feel overwhelmed by the huge number of events and workshops happening at the US Social Forum? So were we! So we put our heads together and came up with a list of recommendations. If you’re at the Forum and want … Continue reading

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Check Us Out at the US Social Forum!

Coming to the US Social Forum? Then let us show you where it’s at! Check us out at the following spots. Freedom Road/OSCL table at the USSF: Drop by and chat it up with our fab people, check out our … Continue reading

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RWIOT and Left Refoundation: Building a New Culture of the Left

Introduction This past August, two hundred self-identified revolutionaries gathered in Chicago for the Revolutionary Work In Our Times (RWIOT) Strategic Dialogue. Like the 2007 USSF workshop that sparked RWIOT and last year’s RWIOT Summer School, the driving force behind this … Continue reading

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