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Interview: Ajamu Dillahunt, Long-Time Civil Rights Organizer

This interview originally appeared in Scalawag magazine. Jonathan Michels: You are a part of the New Great Migration of African Americans from the North who moved back down to the South following the Civil Rights Movement. Why did you decide … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter from the Miserable City of Toledo

While national attention has focused on Black Lives Matter movement hot spots like Ferguson, New York City and Baltimore, all over the country people have seized this historic moment to develop organizations of struggle and resistance. This story by Mike … Continue reading

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After Murder and Church Burnings: Organize the South! Black Lives Matter!

On June 17th, Dylann Roof, a 21 year old white man, entered Mother Emanuel AME Church, a pivotal institution in the Black liberation struggle in Charleston, South Carolina. He joined the evening’s prayer meeting. An hour later he took out … Continue reading

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Islands of Poverty in a Sea of Prosperity

It’s now commonly accepted that a person’s zip code is the best predictor of how healthy a person is and will be. And what determines your zip code? Income, wealth – and the racialized public policies and practices over generations … Continue reading

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“It Could Have Happened Anywhere”: On the Frontlines in Ferguson with Jamala Rogers

This is the first of three interviews FRSO/OSCL will be posting this month with women who have played an important part in the eruption of struggle initially triggered by the people of Ferguson, Missouri in response to the murder of … Continue reading

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Work Twice as Hard to be Equal

When I was a kid, my Chinese parents used to say to me (as they sat me in front of my homework while my white friends were out playing), “You not White!  You work twice as hard to be equal!”  … Continue reading

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A Herstory of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

This article was written by Alicia Garza and originally posted at Black Lives Matter! This has become the central slogan of the massive upsurge of rage, protest and resistance that has shaken this country in recent months. We are reposting this … Continue reading

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The Day After: Protests from Coast to Coast after Killer Cop Goes Free

On November 24, a Missouri grand jury failed to indict Darren Wilson, the cop who murdered Black teenager Michael Brown in cold blood in August. Police killings of Black folks is all too common (every 28 hours), but the outrageous decision … Continue reading

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Terror … and Racial Terror

This article was originally published at ZNet. With all of the discussion about ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, etc., one would think that the only terror on this planet is that derived from relatively small numbers of criminal fascists roaming the planet who … Continue reading

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Whites Protest in Solidarity with Black Youth in Ferguson

At 12:53 Sunday afternoon, I received an e-mail from the Organization for Black Struggle: OBS has put out a call to action for white allies! For the white folks in the Don’t Shoot Coalition–they are asking us, as white allies, … Continue reading

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