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Suspected for Being Black

[This article was originally published on ZNet. We are republishing it here to share the sharp analysis of what lies behind he Ferguson explosion and the chord it has stuck among the Black masses in this country.] Each time there is a police or … Continue reading

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Protests erupt in Missouri after another police murder

Evidence is still being collected and facts sifted through as I write but what we are absolutely clear on is that a black, unarmed teen was murdered by a Ferguson cop yesterday. Ferguson is a one of many municipalities that … Continue reading

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The Revolution in Rojava

We received this article from the Urun/Harvest Group and we are publishing it here in full in order to help share news and information about the important national liberation struggle and revolutionary process taking place in Kurdistan. Kurds live in … Continue reading

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Chokwe: Reflections on a Fallen Warrior

It is surreal. Instead of welcoming the impending celebration of Chokwe Lumumba’s first year in office as mayor of Jackson, we are struggling to put his son into the mayor’s vacated seat. Chokwe Antar Lumumba was hastily drafted to run … Continue reading

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Fast Food Workers: Giving Juice to a Revived Living Wage Movement

On the morning of December 5th, 15 fast food workers and 30 supporters gathered outside the McDonald’s on Highland in Memphis, Tennessee. After some picket-line discussion of tactics and their risks, one worker, Reese, said “I didn’t come here to … Continue reading

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44 years after Fred Hampton’s murder, the struggle continues

On December 4, 1969, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was murdered in cold blood by the Chicago Police Department in conspiracy with the FBI. Although many years have gone by since then, the people’s love for this great revolutionary has … Continue reading

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“Uh-Oh, Instead of Defeating Us They Made Us Defiant”

Since April North Carolina has made national and international news with a remarkable social movement that has gathered thousands to protest, with nearly 1,000 arrests for civil disobedience. The Forward Together Movement, led by the North Carolina NAACP, showed up at the … Continue reading

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Bending Toward Justice: Marching on Washington

Download a PDF of this statement “We have come to the nation’s capital to cash a check……. America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked ‘insufficient funds.’” For Whites Only Martin Luther King, Jr. … Continue reading

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“When we fight, we win!” Talking about Jackson and the Chokwe Lumumba campaign

Ash-Lee Henderson participated in a Freedom Road Socialist Organization delegation to Jackson, Mississippi to support the Lumumba campaign during the Democratic Primary in May 2013. Both members and friends of Freedom Road participated in canvassing, poll-watching, sign holding and other … Continue reading

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No More Zimmermans: Reflections from a Teacher, Uncle, and Activist

I’ve been an activist, organizer, and high school teacher who has thought about and worked on questions of race and justice for my entire adult life.  Because of that, I’ve seen some things that prepared me for the emotions that … Continue reading

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