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Deep in the heart of Texas: Women who misbehave

This week reactionaries in Texas are trying again to force through a vile anti-woman abortion bill. So we are reprinting this story from Anne Lewis (first posted at the Rag Blog). She was present at the Texas statehouse and took … Continue reading

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FRSO/OSCL celebrates International Women’s Day!

Read more about the history of International Women’s Day here. Download this piece as a PDF

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In Honor of International Women’s Day 2012

Happy International Women’s Day! On this important day, spend some time with the playlist posted by the Fuckin’ Loudest Asians in honor and celebration of all proletarian and oppressed-nationality women. And check out marxasm: revolutionary study on gender and queer … Continue reading

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Ending Patriarchy in Our Homes and in Our Movements

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As a communist who has been working as a domestic violence hotline counselor for two years, I believe it is incredibly challenging but also imperative that we bring domestic violence into the public sphere. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Gathering Rage Revisted

This month we’re posting book reviews which raise key political questions we want to highlight. To start us off, Jody Sokolower graciously allowed us to reprint her review on Margaret Randall’s Gathering Rage, which raises the intersection of feminism and … Continue reading

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Gender Liberation and Revolutionary Politics

Two comrades from FRSO/OSCL sat down to discuss their thoughts around gender liberation and socialism. The interview is part of our work on the oppressed gender commission, as we draft new line taking into consideration new thinking around gender liberation … Continue reading

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Oppressed-Gender Leadership on the Eco Justice Frontlines

From Appalachia to Cancún, the common thread in the environmental/environmental justice movements are that oppressed-gender people are at the very front of these frontline struggles. Throughout my organizing experiences, in Hamilton County and the town of Dickson, Tennessee, in Central … Continue reading

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Transgender Organizing Today: Whose Side Will You Be On?

A few days ago, Dwight DeLee was found guilt of 1st degree manslaughter as a hate crime. He shot and killed transgender woman Lateisha Green. He was only the second person convicted of a hate crime for the killing of … Continue reading

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On the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion

a brief incomplete radical LGBTQ movement history   The Stonewall rebellion, which took place on June 28th, 1969, was the opening salvo of a radicalization of the gay liberation movement. The New York City police, in an attempt to shut … Continue reading

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Marriage Inequality: Painful Lessons for the Queer Community and the Road Ahead

As I write this article, the No on Proposition 8 campaign has conceded after most of the final absentee ballots have been counted.  Prop 8 on the California ballot redefines the CA constitution and strips away the right of same-sex … Continue reading

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