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Interview with Bill Gallegos

This interview was originally published in Monthly Review. As we veteran activists of the 1960s and early ’70s enter our años del retiro, it is time for reflection, summation, and most importantly sharing what we have learned with those reaching … Continue reading

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Creating a Viable Black Left: Sixteen Lessons Learned in Building the Black Radical Congress

This important and long-awaited summation was originally published on “No one said it would be easy.” Preface: “…Where is the BRC when we need it?” We have heard this question over the years from Black activists from one side of the … Continue reading

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A Very Short History of Our Organization

The world is certainly different from 1985 when two small organizations, Proletarian Unity League (PUL) and the Revolutionary Workers Headquarters (RWH), formed Freedom Road Socialist Organization/Organicion Socialista del Camino Para la Libertad (FRSO/OSCL). Both PUL and the RWH came out … Continue reading

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Freedom Road at 25: Notes from a Newer Comrade

As I think about the personal significance of our organization celebrating its 25th anniversary, the first thing that comes to mind is thank you.  Thank you to the founding members for having the vision of a Freedom Road – an … Continue reading

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Freedom Road Looks Back After 25 Years

When I was asked to write something giving a “veteran’s” perspective on what attracted me to FRSO, my initial impulse was to decline. I’ve never been a particularly good writer; there are plenty of comrades who can share more insightful … Continue reading

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Family Tree: “Fight Back”

“Fight Back” The Freedom Road Socialist Organization suffered the first split in our history in 1999. Our districts in Chicago and Minnesota and a scattered handful of other comrades left the organization. The differences had developed over a long period … Continue reading

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Family Tree: FRSO/SON

Unite for Struggle: The People Cannot Wait Important sections of the U.S. left have recently made regroupment and realignment the order of the day. Dialogue on new forms of unity could produce positive results over the next few years. Grass-roots … Continue reading

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Family Tree: Exchange — Max Elbaum 12/20/2000

I'm glad to see this discussion now joined at the level where it can be of most value to both veteran and new generation revolutionaries. Dennis' latest comments make clear there's a good deal of common ground, so I will … Continue reading

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Family Tree: The Trend

Introduction When Ethan Young spoke highly of the family tree of the new communist movement, we seized on the opportunity to ask him if he would lend his expertise in the field to helping us flesh out the part of … Continue reading

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Family Tree: Exchange — Dennis O’Neil 12/01/2000

Thanks for the time and thought you devoted to your comments. I really appreciate it and will try in my response to curb my old polemical instincts, dormant but not extinct. (Word processing programs make it so much easier to … Continue reading

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