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No More Zimmermans: Reflections from a Teacher, Uncle, and Activist

I’ve been an activist, organizer, and high school teacher who has thought about and worked on questions of race and justice for my entire adult life.  Because of that, I’ve seen some things that prepared me for the emotions that … Continue reading

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Memphis Students and Workers Fight for Union Rights and a Living Wage

This report comes to us from the USAS Campus Worker Justice Tour, a series of visits to campuses around the country where students and workers are fighting back against corporate outsourcing and the exploitation of campus workers. Where We’ve Been … Continue reading

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The Movement for Public Education Marches Forth

When the conditions are right, a single spark can ignite a prairie fire.  The match that lit the March 4 Day of Action for Public Education was struck in California, but it burned across the country.  Tens of thousands of … Continue reading

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I Went to School to Jump Through Hoops and All I Got Was an Atomic Bomb and Hella Debt

This is based on a presentation given by the author on the political economy of his university as part of a workshop on student/worker activism and is printed here in contribution to the rapidly unfolding dialogue around student activism in … Continue reading

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If We Knew Then What We Know Now: Freedom Road Goes Back to High School

Below are a couple of stories and reflections from Freedom Road comrades on political work—or the opportunities for it that were missed—during the most awkward years of our lives: high school.  While universities have been the site of some of … Continue reading

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The Struggle to Save Public Higher Education in California

On the week of November 16, simmering anger throughout California’s higher education system reached the boiling point.  As the University of California Regents met in Los Angeles to approve a 32% tuition increase for UC undergraduates, thousands of students, campus … Continue reading

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Students for a Democratic Society: A Shiny New Student Group with an Old Familiar Name

Students for a Democratic Society is a name well-known, particularly to older generations of activists, as that of the largest radical student organization of the 1960s. Many may be surprised to learn, though, that a new effort has developed to … Continue reading

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