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Liberate Everything: The Story of Oakland’s People’s Library (So Far)

Signs of the history of people’s struggles in East Oakland are all around for those who have eyes to see them… Download this piece as a PDF

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Fight the Seattle PD’s attack on the movement!

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO/OSCL) denounces in the strongest possible terms the July 10 raid by the Seattle SWAT team on the home of members of Occupy Seattle and the Red Spark Collective, a part of the Kasama Project. … Continue reading

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Occupy in a Transitional Period

Shortly before 5am on December 10, 2011, Occupy Boston was evicted from the encampment at Dewey Square, a short walk to our main busing and transit hub South Station in Downtown Boston. The raid came after Boston judge Judge Frances … Continue reading

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Occupied Beauty

Reposted with permission from Occupy Writers. View original here. (after Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “Pied Beauty”) Glory be to those who topple things— For tents of triple-color, for the canvas town; For froze-proles all in trouble, jostled crowd, that din; Enmeshed … Continue reading

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Who or What Is the 1%?

The Occupy Together movement politically divides the population between the 1% and the 99%. Yet, while we arguably understand the 99% as signifying those Americans of the working class, middle class, and even small business owners, it is in fact … Continue reading

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What We’re Reading: Permaculture at OWS

Our comrades on the Ecology Work Team have sent us this excellent piece on permaculture at the Occupy Wall Street protests. While Zuccotti Park may not be occupied at the moment, there are nonetheless many lessons here. Confrontation of the … Continue reading

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Occupy Oakland: Evict Us and We Multiply!

If the Occupation movement is about uniting the overwhelming majority of oppressed people against the minority of exploiters, then it’s no wonder that it has taken root and flourished in the city of Oakland. A working-class city built by Asian … Continue reading

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Austin Labor Demonstrates Solidarity with Occupy

Our Texas comrades recommended this article from the Left Labor Reporter as an update on the Occupy movement in Austin. Have local updates? Send ’em our way! Reprinted with the author’s permission. Five hundred union members marched through downtown Austin … Continue reading

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Tips for Socialists for Engaging with Your Local Occupy

Here are some great suggestions for ways to directly engage with your local Occupy movement from a comrade who has been participating with Occupy Las Vegas, which is currently a permitted encampment protest with about 20 tents and 40-100 participants … Continue reading

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The Occupy Movement: Lessons for Revolutionaries

It may be a bit of a cliché, but it bears saying: a single spark has in fact lit a prairie fire. An enormous one. The last year has witnessed what appears to be the beginning of a new historical … Continue reading

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