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The racist roots of ‘right to work’ laws

In light of the right-to-work law recently rushed into law in Michigan, Chris Kromm at Facing South looks at the history of right-to-work and its white-supremacist roots. This week, Republican lawmakers in Michigan — birthplace of the United Auto Workers … Continue reading

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Blaming the Workers until the Bitter End: Company has a Long History of Not Being the Hostess with the Mostest

This article was originally posted on Hostess Bakeries was recently allowed to close its doors when mediation between the union and the company failed.  In St. Louis, the company never really changed its image or racist practices in 40 … Continue reading

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Memphis Students and Workers Fight for Union Rights and a Living Wage

This report comes to us from the USAS Campus Worker Justice Tour, a series of visits to campuses around the country where students and workers are fighting back against corporate outsourcing and the exploitation of campus workers. Where We’ve Been … Continue reading

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Wisconsin: Screw Walker, We Won—We Won A Year Ago!

The re-election of Republican politician Scott Walker–union-buster, Tea Party favorite, crook and all-around barking dog—as Governor of Wisconsin after a huge, mass-based recall campaign, has been one of the biggest political stories of this election year. It has certainly dismayed … Continue reading

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May Day: Workers’ Struggles in Focus

The Workers’ Commission of Freedom Road has recently produced two pieces in advance of the 2012 Labor Notes conference: Working People’s Assemblies: Social Justice Unionism for the 21st Century, which takes on the current crises of the labor movement, their … Continue reading

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Justice, Equality and a Decent Life: After 150 Years, Bay Area Working Families Fight for the Same Goals

In the hundred and fifty year history of workers in the San Francisco Bay Area, the watershed event was one that happened 70 years ago – the San Francisco general strike. That year sailors, longshoremen and other maritime workers shut … Continue reading

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A Note to Young Activists: Get a Rank and File Job!

The student movement has been fertile ground for the left. Time away from the daily grind of work, exposure to a wide variety of ideas and experiences changed many people’s lives. Thirty years ago political activists coming out of college … Continue reading

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Book Review: Labor Revolts of the 70s

This piece was originally published in Monthly Review. It is reprinted with the author’s permission. Have books you love? Let us know! Check out the Freedom Road GoodReads account and send us an email to add books to our favorites … Continue reading

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April 5th: Remembering the Pittston Strike

We remember the United Mine Workers of America strike against Pittston Coal Company, April 5, 1989 to February 20, 1990 This month we once more celebrated the anniversary of the Pittston strike of 1989. Perhaps because no one was killed, … Continue reading

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Poverty in America and the Attack on Public Sector Unions

This article is reposted, with permission, from The Rag Blog. I want to ask a basic question that unifies religious, labor, and community organizations at the core. Why in this, the richest country in the world, are people poor? By … Continue reading

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