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What Goes Around Comes Around

When I was asked to write on the history of May Day, I took a big gulp. Having never been taught about May Day in either school or college, I had to do some reading. Oh, I knew the basic one sentence, isn’t … Continue reading

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A Note to Socialist Union Staffers: Build Working Class Power!

Many of our friends and members hold staff positions in unions.  In some cases, comrades who were rank and file union members lost their jobs due to plant closures and layoffs and migrated into staff jobs.  In the 1990s, the … Continue reading

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Fast Food Workers: Giving Juice to a Revived Living Wage Movement

On the morning of December 5th, 15 fast food workers and 30 supporters gathered outside the McDonald’s on Highland in Memphis, Tennessee. After some picket-line discussion of tactics and their risks, one worker, Reese, said “I didn’t come here to … Continue reading

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Bridging the Chasm between Environmental and Economic Justice: A Conversation with Bill Fletcher and Bill Gallegos

Steelworkers President Leo Gerard said about the choice between a clean environment and good jobs, “You can have both, or you have neither.”A rift exists between those good trade unionists who fight for decent jobs and a just economy, and … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Middle Class: Who are the Working Class?

As class war becomes more and more apparent in 21st century America, here’s a real look and analysis of class, and how it manifests. The article below was an attempt to make discussion points to come to a more collective … Continue reading

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“Enough is enough!” Bay Area workers go on strike

On July 1, the labor movement in the San Francisco Bay Area made its voice heard. SEIU Local 1021 and IFPTE Local 21 conducted a one day strike in Oakland, accusing the city of underestimating its revenue and trying to squeeze … Continue reading

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“Right to Work” : A Body Blow, Not a Death Blow

This article was originally posted on the blog It’s About Power, Stupid! in December 2012. Although some details are now out of date, the heart of this post is still extremely timely as battles continue to be fought over anti-worker laws around … Continue reading

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The South: Labor’s Elephant in the Room

This article is reposted from the blog It’s About Power, Stupid! The combination of  anti-worker laws, repression against people of color and reactionary politics has allowed the enemies of labor to define an entire geographic area as a bulwark against … Continue reading

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Getting the Picture: Corporate Crime Scene in West, Texas

Late update: In a new series of articles, the Austin Statesman is revealing how federal and Texas state officials are attempting to hide and cover up what happened in West and who is responsible. The first and second articles in … Continue reading

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UT-Austin Ponders Privatizing Staff

This article was originally published on The Rag Blog. AUSTIN, Texas — On January 29, 2013, University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers convened the UT-Austin community to make recommendations about increasing our efficiency that would include job privatization for … Continue reading

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