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“If words have no meaning”: History, metaphor and violence in Arizona

Five years ago, I heard Arizona poet and essayist Richard Shelton read at a ranch outside of Tucson. He was included in a lineup of poets who were known for invoking environmental or political themes in their work; having taught … Continue reading

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An Old Game with a New Name in Arizona: Join the Fight Against SB 1070!

Arizona’s elected officials have decided to officially scapegoat Latinos for the economic crisis facing that state and the entire country. On July 29th, Arizona’s SB 1070 will require police to ask any person who looks “reasonably suspicious” for their immigration … Continue reading

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Arizona: Ground Zero for the Economic, Ecological and Political Crises

Background   On April 23, 2010 Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed into law Senate Bill 1070, a broad bill increasing state powers of enforcement of federal immigration policy and in essence sanctioning racial profiling. It allows police officers to … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough – Immigration Reform Now!

This is a call for an ongoing campaign of resistance and disruption until there is a moratorium on deportations and just and humane immigration reform is enacted! For the past 4 years our movement, propelled by the love and desperation … Continue reading

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The Arizona GauntletEl Incendio de Arizona

Arizona Governor Brewer signed Senate Bill 1070 last week. That was anticipated. This legislation actually expands existing practices that police and immigration authorities use to racially profile immigrants. Authorities now may interpret as they see fit the “behaviors and physical … Continue reading

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A Rising Tide for Immigrants Rights: May Day 2010 Una Marea Creciente por los Derechos de las/los Inmigrantes: Primero de Mayo 2010

Four years after massive immigrant protest for workers and citizenship rights and 124 years after the mass rally for an 8-hour day which spurred the creation of an International Workers Day, we celebrate another May Day with millions of U.S. … Continue reading

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On May Day 2008: Build Unity with Immigrants and All the OppressedEn el Primero de Mayo: Promover la Unidad entre las/los Inmigrantes y Todas/os las/los Oprimidas/os

May 1st is here today. It is the historic International Workers' Day where workers and oppressed people manifest in various ways their determination to resist and ultimately break the chains of capital. This day is remembered and celebrated with fervor … Continue reading

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May Day 2007: Immigrants’ Rights are Workers’ Rights

Until last year, May Day for workers, progressives and revolutionaries in the US found us looking at struggles in the global South for inspiration and affirmation that the oppressed will resist, and can win against, the ravages of capitalist exploitation. … Continue reading

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Immigrants Fight for FreedomLa Lucha de las/los Inmigrantes para la Libertad

A festival of the oppressed. That is the phrase that came to mind as I walked with one million people on March 25th. On that day, Mexicana/o and Latina/o working class immigrants, their families, and their supporters took over the … Continue reading

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Statement to the April 10th Immigration Justice Rally, Siler City, NCDeclaracion a la manifestacion en favor de justicia para las/los inmigrantes que se convoco en Siler City, North Carolina

Speech delivered by Ajamu Dillahunt, for Black Workers for Justice, to a rally of 10,000 demanding Justice for Immigrants in Siler City, NC on April 10, 2006. Translated from the Spanish. Good Evening. I bring you greetings from the Black … Continue reading

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