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A Tragic Death Becomes a Xenophobic Assault on Immigrant Rights

On Friday, July 1, 2015 Kate Steinle was taking a casual stroll on Pier on San Francisco’s Pier 14 with her father, when the unthinkable happened, she was struck by a bullet randomly shot by a stranger. She died from … Continue reading

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Arizona’s SB1070: A Year In the Aftermath

Flashpoint. Tipping point. Bellwether. Reflecting glass. Arizona in the aftermath of SB1070 was both a reflecting glass and a bellwether for the US. At once mirroring back to the public conscious the legacy of white settler state colonialism and at … Continue reading

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A Call for Building a United Front Struggle for Immigrant and Workers’ Rights

Since the passage of Arizona’s infamous SB1070, immigrant workers have come under continued attack. Though blocked by a federal judge, the Georgia legislature’s HB87 is the most recent example in the South, where legislatures in Alabama and South Carolina have … Continue reading

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