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The Courthouse Raid at Tierra Amarilla: Remembering Reies Lopez Tijerina

We note with sadness the passing of Reies Lopez Tijerina, one of the great leaders of the Chicano movement. We are republishing the following article—originally published in Forward Motion Magazine #59—which discusses the Alianza Federal de Mercedes that he founded, and … Continue reading

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Karega Hart, presente!

  Joe Navarro wrote this poem to commemorate the passing of Karega Hart, a beloved comrade and lifelong revolutionary. That Was Karega Anyone who knew Karega Knew that his baritone voice, even though soft, Was full of courage and commitment. … Continue reading

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Chokwe: Reflections on a Fallen Warrior

It is surreal. Instead of welcoming the impending celebration of Chokwe Lumumba’s first year in office as mayor of Jackson, we are struggling to put his son into the mayor’s vacated seat. Chokwe Antar Lumumba was hastily drafted to run … Continue reading

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Appreciating what’s been said: Reflections on Amiri Baraka

“Appreciating what’s been said and if I understand correctly…” That was the routine and respectful phrase we used in the Congress of African People when we were about to engage in some serious discussion. As I faced the reality of … Continue reading

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“Remember, Struggle and Be Transformed by the Struggle!” — Reflecting on the Passing of Nelson Mandela

Claire Tran asked Cameron Barron, Mary Jo Connelly, Jamala Rogers, Peter Hardie, and Montague Simmons to share their reflections after the death of Nelson Mandela. They talked about his life and the influence and lessons from the anti-apartheid movement. I first learned of Nelson Mandela. . … Continue reading

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Victory Is Possible Against All Odds – Nelson Mandela Presente!

The death of Nelson Mandela, though hardly unexpected, is reverberating through the world, and especially the global left. For revolutionary socialists, this is a moment to reflect on the accomplishments and on the shortcomings of the movement whose main public … Continue reading

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¡Hugo Chávez Presente!

The death of Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, on March 5 is a momentous and sorrowful event for the Left on a world scale. Chavez was a towering figure on the Left like no other who has come along in … Continue reading

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Remembering Jerry Tucker, Labor Leader and Educator

My friend and colleague of more than 25 years died today from pancreatic cancer. If you never had the privilege of meeting and working with Jerry Tucker, it is truly a shame. Rarely do we cross paths with someone who … Continue reading

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On the passing of Joel Olson

Here we reprint a political rememberance of Joel Olson, a founding member of Bring the Ruckus who recently died unexpectedly. This was originally published on the website of Bring the Ruckus here. After the disbanding of Bring the Ruckus, we … Continue reading

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