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Now that Madiba is Dead…

beware the icon makers they will say he was great they will laud his calls for peace they will wring their hands and cry speaking only of the man disregarding the people explaining away the movement pretending the revolution was … Continue reading

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44 years after Fred Hampton’s murder, the struggle continues

On December 4, 1969, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was murdered in cold blood by the Chicago Police Department in conspiracy with the FBI. Although many years have gone by since then, the people’s love for this great revolutionary has … Continue reading

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Remembering Margaret Thatcher

When revolutionaries, comrades, or heroes of the people die, we often remember them with a cry of ¡Presente! — a heartfelt promise that their spirit is still present with us and that we will carry on their work. This week … Continue reading

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Occupied Beauty

Reposted with permission from Occupy Writers. View original here. (after Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “Pied Beauty”) Glory be to those who topple things— For tents of triple-color, for the canvas town; For froze-proles all in trouble, jostled crowd, that din; Enmeshed … Continue reading

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Blair Mountain Battle

Will we hide Pretend all is well or Remember what they did Spending their lives and hearts A story of legend and truth Peopled by ghosts Ghosts that linger Fiery eyed on the slopes Still leading To a new world … Continue reading

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The Mine

I work alone today The dark a weight Noise and dust A presence Hungry for my soul The mine Is an unquiet grave Waiting for the careless Download this piece as a PDF

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There is more Wasting life’s minutes Sacrificed To dust and profits Killing time Mouthing Conversations Full of nothing Until sunlight returns There is more Download this piece as a PDF

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On the Death of a Miner

The Mountains weep today Dreary as a widowed heart Shadowed with solitude Clouds Huddle close to the ground Sheltering from a cold wind Dark boned ridges Split the sky in rage The land Takes back her own Download this piece … Continue reading

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After Jerry’s Death

Puddled Dark red on black Essence of life Escaped Its true vessel Wasted Deep within Recesses of earth Download this piece as a PDF

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Black night Of ancient forests Filled with stone sounds Secret moanings and sighs Lightless Heartless Unforgiving of mistake Delved By men Strangers to ease Companions to the dark Download this piece as a PDF

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