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Button Up! #13 – Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot! St Louis area, Autumn 2014, 3” I picked this button up on October 10, the opening day of #Ferguson October, the first national demonstration called by the people of the St. Louis area to support their … Continue reading

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Button Up! #12 – Columbus Was Lost

2 ¼ inches (1992). Chrstine Jones and Thomas Edward Pearce, Louisville KY This button dates from the runup to the Columbus Quincentennial in 1992, an event which ironically marked a qualitative leap forward in the drive to end the glorification … Continue reading

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keep movin’ directly

blue black we still shoutin’/screamin’/prayin’/swearin’/tauntin’/crackin’/laughin’ beat down/bloody/hearts broke/weepin’/wonderin’/doubtin’ reachin’/teachin’/liberation preachin’ we enslaved today by empire and nightmare dreams but we still matter and see tomorrow comin’ ’cause what we do is resist is work is build somethin’ better what we … Continue reading

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Button Up! #11 – Black America Can’t Breathe

This button from late last fall makes its point succinctly, but I never really warmed up to it. I think that’s because the first two people I saw wearing it were white. Everyone remembers, I’m sure, the awkwardness of “Hands … Continue reading

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A Eduardo con cariño

“To publish Eduardo Galeano is to publish the enemy: the enemy of lies, indifference, above all of forgetfulness. His tenderness is devastating, his truthfulness, furious.” – John Berger The great writer Eduardo Galeano who died on April 14 at 74 … Continue reading

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Button Up! #10 – May Day

May Day is a holiday born in the struggle of the US working class, 129 years ago this year. It became a Red holiday in the years after the Russian Revolution, and is observed globally. In the United States the … Continue reading

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Button Up! #9 – Hands Off Venezuela

In the first installment of this series, I wrote how I have a stash of current buttons where I can grab one to pin on while on my way out of the apartment. These days I tend to wear a … Continue reading

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Button Up! #8 – Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

2″ x 3″, 2015 Since the 1970s, when young leftists in the trade union movement began reclaiming the militant history of the American working class, there has been an annual observation of the anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire at … Continue reading

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Button Up! #7 – Rock Against Racism

Buttons usually proclaim a slogan or a movement or a group. Sometimes they are event- and even date-specific, but this is usually for a Big March, last fall’s Climate Justice March for instance. Ones used to build small local events … Continue reading

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Button Up! #6 – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was born as a revolutionary holiday in the early year of the 20th century. Proclaimed by the Socialist International in 1910, it was usually observed as International Working Women’s Day, and became standardized on March 8. In … Continue reading

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