keep movin’ directly


blue black
we still shoutin’/screamin’/prayin’/swearin’/tauntin’/crackin’/laughin’
beat down/bloody/hearts broke/weepin’/wonderin’/doubtin’
reachin’/teachin’/liberation preachin’
we enslaved today by empire and nightmare dreams
but we still matter and see tomorrow comin’
’cause what we do is resist is work is build somethin’ better
what we say we can do we can organize
we can posit/testify/sing/assert/announce/proclaim/flatfoot dance
our lives matter and
because we stand
we speak truth
we organize
we remember
we listen
we love and lift
we tired and still walk and run and wade and carry
’cause The Spirit don’t like ugly
we gon’ get where ol’ massas can’t go can’t turn us around
where you got to walk upright
on yo’ feet and nobody’s back
we go find our ways
croon new doo wops
create mo’ decent swags
shout hallelujahs
tell pimpin’ preachers “see ya!”
don’t cha worry
we gon’ matter ’cause
we always

M. Thandabantu is a veteran human rights activist, feminist, labor educator and writer; working and living in Aurora, CO

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