Button Up! #9 – Hands Off Venezuela


In the first installment of this series, I wrote how I have a stash of current buttons where I can grab one to pin on while on my way out of the apartment. These days I tend to wear a Black Lives Matter pin, but I always have an internationalist pin or two ready to don as well.

This is the new one in that category. I got it shortly after the Obama administration had the gall to declare Venezuela a “national security threat” to the US last month.

I like its vigorous, shall we say, approach to the threat of another US sponsored coup or even direct intervention to destroy the Bolivarian revolution. At the same time, one of the best things about it is that its small size–1” in diameter—means that the first and clearest message is the writing around the outside, visible from several feet away.

I don’t know who made these, but I got my copies from a member the recently formed (and USSR-nostalgic) Party of Communists USA, whose members are at least distributing it.

Download this piece as a PDF
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