#BlackLivesMatter: graphics for the struggle

Erk, an artistic agitator and good friend of Freedom Road, has stepped up at this heavy time to provide some graphics suitable for use on posters, banners, leaflets, buttons, blogs, Facebook pages and more.

These graphics feature the slogan that has emerged as the defining watchword of the struggle thus far: Black Lives Matter.

Please use these graphics widely. They are available for anyone to use, with the following two conditions:

  1. Do not append your organization’s name, URL, etc. to the graphics in a way that suggests that the slogan or the graphic is your own.
  2. If the graphics are used to make commodities (buttons, banners, stickers, etc.) any money you take in over the cost of production should be directed to #BlackLivesMatter.



BLM-typeset-1 BLM-typeset-2 BLM-typeset-3 BLM-typeset-4


Download this piece as a PDF
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